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Grace Hopper Celebrates Women in Tech

This week on Wednesday 10/8 to Friday 10/10, a swarm of the world’s most powerful and prominent women in the tech industry – new and experienced, young and old – will gather at the Phoenix Convention Center for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. The sold-out conference, which is sponsored by the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology in partnership with the Association for Computing Machinery, boasts being the world’s largest gathering of women in technology with nearly 8,000 expected attendees, representing 67 countries and 925 organizations.

That’s pretty impressive!

Grace Hopper Celebration

The 3-day event is going to feature workshops, a career fair, and panel discussions on various topics from industry leaders. And according to Anita Borg Institute spokeswoman Kate Carey, this year’s conference theme is “Everywhere. Everyone,” emphasizing the need for more diversity to help drive innovation and build future technology. So by that, it sounds like they really are encouraging anyone and everyone, everywhere, to attend. Unfortunately, if you didn’t already jump on this bandwagon, it’s now sold out. So you’ll have to wait for the next one.

GoDaddy adWhat’s particularly interesting is GoDaddy’s involvement, being one of the event’s key company sponsors. We all remember GoDaddy’s old and outdated (in more ways than one) advertising campaign featuring busty women in tiny tees. So I would not have pegged them for a pro-women’s issues company.

But apparently, CEO Blake Irving has had a change of heart in recent years – perhaps partly due to the tragic passing of his sister, who was a psychology professor specializing in women’s issues. Since then, he has pledged himself to helping women in technology, and has been quoted saying things like,

“anything I can do to help forward women in technology is important,”


“We’re trying to create an environment where women get to work with each other and not be on a four-person team of men, and have their points get across. It’s something we feel is important.”

Good for you, Irving! You’ve become a Tough Cookie. We’ll stand with you on that.

So if you are one of the lucky ones who scored a ticket to the Grace Hopper Celebration before it sold out, then I hope you have an amazing time and get a ton out of it.

And I hope you’ll write me here and tell me how it went!

Source: AZCentral


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