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Google Puts $50M Towards Girls In Code

GoogleGoogle is at it again!

My friends make fun of me for being too big of a Google-ite. I love everything Google does. I think they are an amazing company that excellently balances being a massive corporation and an open-minded innovative company that is doing some real good in the world. I use all Google and Android products, and while I always see areas of improvement for them, I feel that overall Google does an amazing job keeping their priorities straight and progress moving forward.

Now one of the areas I admire Google for is their efforts to promote science, engineering and tech education among youth. They already have a program called CS4HS (Computer Science 4 High School). And since 2010, they have also been pouring $40 million into the Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code, the NCWIT (National Center for Women & Information Technology) and programs.

Made With CodeNow Google is adding one more.

Over the next three years, Google is rolling out $50 million for a new program called Made with Code, which aims to encourage more young girls to get into programming and tech by learning how to code.

Because “things you love are Made with Code”, according to the program’s motto.

The program will highlight influential women in the computer science industry, and reward girls who are getting started, providing them with lots of resources, community programs, and coding events. The girls in the program will work on one of a few available projects, depending on their skill and interest – everything from creating a meme, to 3D printing a bracelet, to sequencing music sounds, to building a website or mobile app.

Pretty cool huh? Learning to be a Tough Cookie should start at a young age, when the brain is more impressionable, and values are imprinted that can last into your adult life. So you go Google – go inspire some more Tough Cookies in our youth! I for one think what you are doing is awesome, and much needed.

Here’s to Tough Cookies, at every age!

Source: Tech Times


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