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The Other Woman in Cryptocurrency

Woman in BitcoinAfter writing that post about Crypto Moms, I came across this piece on Pursuing Nothing and immediately sympathized with the writer’s plight. Like me, she is not actually a mom, or anyone’s wife, and therefore doesn’t relate to the few emerging organizations that try to encourage women to get more involved in bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

But you don’t have to be a mom or a wife to get into this stuff.

Take me for example. I’m not even that technically-oriented. I did used to work at Google, but in sales and advertising. Now I’m a filmmaker and executive producer of multimedia news company Money & Tech. It’s been through that medium that I’ve learned to love this magical world of cryptocurrency. And despite having zero background in programming or computer science or cryptography, and despite being a wife or mother of any sort – I’ve managed to develop a decently solid understanding of digital currencies like bitcoin and the technology behind them.

It’s some incredible stuff! And it’s a shame more women aren’t getting into it too. So I’m all for any ways we can try to encourage that more – be it or But there has got to be a way for women like me, who don’t identify with either of those, to feel welcome in the bitcoin community.

Like  says in her Pursuing Nothing piece, my value isn’t only in my purchasing power. I’m a smart, capable human being who has a lot to contribute to this emerging industry, which is exactly what Sarah and I are both doing.

So how about it Tough Cookies – won’t you join us?

Source: Pursuing Nothing


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