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One Bad Ass Economist

Economist Susan AtheyIf you haven’t heard of Susan Athey, you should go read about her right now… or at least, right after you read this anyway. 🙂 First, let’s take a moment to review her beyond impressive resume.

Susan Athey earned not one, but three bachelor’s degrees in economics, mathematics, and computer science from Duke University at the age of 20. She then went on to promptly get her Ph.D. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business at the age of 24.

She then began a very successful career in academia, rising up through the ranks at MIT and then at Stanford – earning tenure as a professor at both universities.

But if that wasn’t cool enough, possibly her most impressive achievement is this: She was the first female to be awarded the John Bates Clark Medal, a super prestigious medal awarded annually by the American Economic Association to economists under 40 who:

“have made a significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge”

And of the first 17 economists awarded this medal, 11 went on to win the Nobel Prize Award. That’s some stepping stone! Not only did the American Economic Association decide Susan Athey had made such a contribution, they also found her the first woman to deserved this honor.

Now I won’t say what their thinking might have been for all those years when no women were awarded this medal. But whatever standards or glass ceiling they may have (consciously or unconsciously) placed over this accolade, Susan Athey shattered them right open.

Now that’s a Tough Cookie!

I had the privilege of meeting this incredible woman at the recent CoinSummit conference in San Francisco. I love that as Chief Content Officer and Producer of financial tech news media company Money & Tech (aka my day job), I get to attend a lot of these events and meet the top minds in tech, finance and economics.

Watch the CoinSummit interview with Susan Athey that I produced for Money & Tech – Susan Athey on Money & Tech


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