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The Lady Leading Lloyd’s of London

Inga Beale of LloydsThis January, Lloyd’s of London will put Inga Beale, a woman, at their helm for the first time in its 325-year history. This is a really big deal, but not just for Lloyd’s, but for the much much larger boy’s club that dwarfs and encompasses Lloyd’s at the same time…

I’m talking about London itself, the city where studies show that 80 percent of financial services workers are male.

But then I have to hand it to them. London has actually been making some pretty awesome waves this year in this department. Earlier this year, they named Fiona Woolf their second ever female lord mayor. And after that, the Bank of England named Charlotte Hogg their first woman COO.

And Beale is quite a woman though, and earned this well-deserved, ground-breaking honor. She’s paid her dues and paved her way with 30 years of industry experience, including executive posts at Canopius Group, Zurich Insurance Company and Converium Ltd.

So here’s to Inga Beale! Or should I say, pip pip darling!

Hurrah for Tough Cookies on every side of the pond!


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